MyMovingLoads Leads Form – Plugin for WordPress

A convenient way for affiliates to generate moving leads easily.

About the plugin

We have created this plugin to make it easy for our affiliates to generate quality moving leads. At the same time, we wanted to provide the best conversion rate possible for our affiliate partners. This is why we spend a lot of time to create the additional features of this plugin. Please read more about the features below.

Installing the MyMovingLoads plugin

Here is a quick guide on how to install the plugin to your WordPress site. There are currently two options to install the plugin, read about them below.

Automatic install:

  1. Login as administrator to your WordPress site.
  2. From the Admin panel, see the left menu and click on “Plugins” > “Add New”.
  3. In the search box, search for MyMovingLoads Forms
  4. When you find the plugin in the search results, install it from there directly. Follow on screen instructions.
  5. Here is a link to the WordPress plugin in the WordPress plugin directory

Manual install:

  1. Download the latest plugin zip file from here by clicking the “Download” button.
  2. Login as administrator to your WordPress site.
  3. From the Admin panel, see the left menu and click on “Plugins” > “Add New”.
  4. Select the zip file that you have previously downloaded.
  5. When the plugin installs itself click on Activate Plugin.
  6. You should now see a new button in the left sidebar of your WordPress Administration panel called Moving Leads.

Please note: When the plugin is deleted, all options set in the WordPress MyMovingLoads Form Admin panel are deleted, as well as the IP detection database. If you install the plugin again, the IP detection database installs again and options need to be set again. We have designed the plugin in this way to keep your WordPress installation clean from unnecessary code and as lightweight as possible.

Setting up the plugin

In order for the MyMovingLoads Form Affiliate plugin to submit leads, you need a valid API key provided by The API key is free, but you need to register here to be approved. The API key will be issued to you or to your organization only and you should not share the API key with third parties. Based on the API key, your moving leads will be attributed to your account.

Inserting a form into a page or post

It is very easy to insert a new form to a page or a post within your WordPress site.

Show automatic form type based on location detection (recommended)

To have the form automatically show the right version of the form (US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, German or International) based on the user’s location, just add this shortcode where you want it to appear:


Show a specific type of form without location detection

In rare cases, you might want to show a specific type of form without taking into account the user’s location, you can use the following shortcodes:

US version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”us”]

UK version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”uk”]

Canadian version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”ca”]

Australian version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”au”]

New Zealand version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”nz”]

German version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”de”]

International version of the form:

[mml_leadform country=”int”]

Here is some more information on how to use shortcodes in WordPress.

This plugin consists of four different forms that are dynamically served based on the user’s IP address. The form is responsive and is suitable for desktop and mobile pages. You can read more about it in the FAQs section below in this page.

Inserting a form into the sidebar

You may want to have a form appearing on every page of the WordPress site. Adding it to the sidebar as a widget will be the easiest option. Here is how to do it:

  1. Login as administrator to your WordPress site.
  2. From the Admin panel, see the left menu and click on “Appearance” > “Widgets”.
  3. There you will find the widget called “MyMovingLoads Lead Form”.
  4. Simply drag and drop it into your “Sidebar” section to the right for the form to appear in your sidebar.

Inserting the form into a template file (for advanced users)

To insert the form into a template file, use the following PHP in your file:


Note: Don’t forget to add the php surrounding tags <?php and ?> if pasting inside HTML.

Form design questions

How does the form look like responsively?

We’ve made the form responsive, so it look great on multiple devices in the main section of a page or post and in the sidebar. See a preview below how the form looks in different example contexts.


What are the different types of forms in this plugin?

Currently this form consists of many different forms, which are automatically displayed to the users based on their location. You do not need to select which form is displayed to who as the plugin does that automatically. Here are the different form types:

US Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within The US. The form is in Imperial units and is tailored to the default preferences of the US users. Users will be able to switch to international form if they are moving out of the USA.

Canadian Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within Canada. The form is in Metric units and is tailored to the default preferences of the Canadian users. Users will be able to which to international form if they are moving out of Canada.

Australian Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within Australia. The form is in Metric units and is tailored to the default preferences of the Australia users. Users will be able to which to international form if they are moving out of Australia.

UK Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within The UK. The form is in Metric units and is tailored to the default preferences of the users in The United Kingdom. Users will be able to which to international form if they are moving out of the UK.

New Zealand Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within New Zealand. The form is in Metric units and is tailored to the default preferences of the New Zealand users. Users will be able to which to international form if they are moving out of New Zealand.

German Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving within Germany. The form is in Metric units and is tailored to the default preferences of the German users.

International Moving leads form

This form is for users that are moving between countries.

Which moving leads forms are displayed to the user?

Based on IP detection, the user is delivered the most appropriate moving lead form. This ensures a much higher conversion rate and more captured moving leads. To read more about how to insert a form into your WordPress site, please read the plugin documentation.

You can also show a specific type of form without location detection if you’d like so. To do that, you need to use one of the specific shortcodes shown earlier in this documentation.

How does the IP tracking happen?

The IP database is automatically installed when you install this plugin. The accuracy of the database is estimated to be 98%-99%. The database is maintained and updated and we will be updating it with the future plugin updates.

Are the moving lead forms responsive? Are they mobile friendly?

Yes. The forms are responsive and they display well on mobile devices based on the screen resolution. We advise that you always check the Desktop and the Mobile design of the pages where you place the moving form before you update the design of your WordPress site.

Can I change the title alignment?

Yes, in the admin page of the plugin in WordPress you will find a Title Alignment option. You can align it center, left or right.

Can I change the button text?

Yes. Go to the MyMovingLoads Form plugin page in your WordPress Admin panel. Under “Moving Leads” in section “Form Design” you can enter any text. Please note that this field does not support HTML or PHP tags and their attributes. Save the changes and refresh the page with the form.

Can I add/change background color?

Yes, to activate a background color simply check the checkbox next to Background Color in the plugin’s admin page (General Settings tab). Next you will see color picker, which allows you to pick any color you wish. Click Save Changes to apply.

Can I change the default color scheme?

Yes. The plugin comes with 3 color options you can choose from. Each option changes the color of the outline of all input fields, the background of the autosuggest as well as the dynamic information displayed inside some input fields after values are entered (for example the notification “About x days left”).

Please note that the color of the button does not change when you select a different color scheme. That’s because we want to maximize the conversion rate of your form and our data shows that the default color button is most effective.

How can I make a custom color scheme? (for advanced users)

The easiest way to do it is to apply the color changes in your CSS StyleSheet in your theme. You need to know how to edit the HTML and CSS of your WordPress theme.

Moving Leads Questions

Where can I see the leads that the forms generate?

You can log into your account at MyMovingLoads to see all the leads that you have generated. Please login from here!

This is how your account’s dashboard looks like on multiple devices:

What is the payout for the leads?

The payout for every lead is different and is determined by or real-time bidding algorithm. Please contact your affiliate manager for more information.

How can I track the number of submitted moving leads?

You can track the submitted leads by:

  • Having a Google Analytics tracking code on your site and having checked the “Track Form” checkbox in the plugin’s settings page.
  • Logging into the MyMovingLoads system with your account from here.

Please note that the numbers of the two tracking options may and will vary. This is because you will see only valid moving leads into your MyMovingLoads panel (all batches of duplicate leads as well as leads with errors will not be present into your MyMovingLoads account).

What does the “Track Form” functionality do?

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website it is easy to track how many people see and submit your moving leads forms. Not sure if you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your website? You can easily check that by writing your website’s domain in this tool.

Having Google Analytics set up and the “Track Form” functionality activated, you will start receiving events in your Google Analytics’ admin panel. All your events are visible in Behavior > Events > Overview

The events are sent under a category called “MyMovingLoads Form”. This category has actions, which depend on the type of form sent. For US, Canada, UK and International forms the actions will be “us”, “ca”, “uk” and “int” respectively. The last piece of information of each event sent is the event label. For every form view and form submission the labels are Successfully-Sent and Successfully-Viewed respectively.

For example, you will get the following events:

  • When a Canadian MyMovingLoads form is shown to a user’s screen the event will be MyMovingLoads Form > ca > Successfully-Sent
  • When an International form is submitted successfully to our system the event will be MyMovingLoads Form > int > Successfully-Viewed

Please note: Google Analytics may track duplicate leads, so there is a chance that the number of submissions indicated in Google Analytics is different than the amount of moving leads you see in the MyMovingLoads Admin Panel.

MyMovingLoads API Key Questions:

Can I use the same MyMovingLoads API key on multiple WordPress sites?

Yes. Your API key is issued to you or your organization and you can use it with all the WordPress sites that you control.

Can I use the plugin without a MyMovingLoads API key?

No. The plugin works only with a valid API key. If you’d like to see how the form looks without having it send leads to our system, use this key for testing purposes: demokey

I see “no API key” warning on top of the form. How to remove it?

The warning is visible only when logged into the WordPress system as an Administrator. Regular visitors will not see this warning message. To remove the warning, please add a valid MyMovingLoads API key or uninstall the plugin.

How to get a MyMovingLoads API key?

If you don’t already have a MyMovingLoads API key, please fill in an application here. Once your application is approved, you will receive an account for the MyMovingLoads system as well as a valid API key. You then can login here into the MyMovingLoads system and monitor all received leads.

Do not display your MyMovingLoads API key publicly, since it is issued to you or to your organization only.

How much does the MyMovingLoads API key cost?

It’s free, you do not pay for the API key.

How can I test the form before I get an API key?

To see how the form looks and behaves on your site please do the following.

  • Login to your WordPress Administration panel.
  • Go to the MyMovingLoads Quote Form page.
  • Find the API Key field and insert the word: demokey
  • Click “Save changes”
  • Go to the page/post where you have placed your form and refresh it, you should be able to see the form.

The form will not submit leads but you can test if it works and you can see how it looks on your page.

Google API Key Questions:

Do I need a Google API key for the form to work?

No, but you will not be able to take advantage of all the extras and functionalities of the form.

Why do I need a Google API key?

Google API key activates functionality that provides the following extra information for the user:

  • Displaying state and city names when ZIP or Postcode code is entered.
  • Displaying distance between pickup and delivery locations.
  • Showing type ahead for forms for some countries

Your conversion rate will increase if you have a Google API key and the forms will be more interactive.

Does this Google API key affects form tracking?

No. It is only for displaying additional useful information to the user while filling up the form.

How can I get a Google API key?

The Google API key is free up to a certain amount of requests per month. Most of the users will be fine with the free Google API key.  There are two things that you need to do in order to make sure you get the form extras:

  1. Getting a Google API key
    You need a new API key dedicated for this plugin. To get the necessary API key, please go to the Google API Console (or follow this short guide).
  2. Setting up the Google API key for certain Google Services
    Once you create the new Google API key, you need to enable certain Google services for this API key.
    Once you are in the Google API Console, select “Library” from the left menu. From there you can search and enable each of the following Google services that are required for all extra functionalities to work properly:

    1. Places API – used to autocomplete locations’ names on some of the moving forms.
    2. Distance Matrix API – used to show the distance in kilometers or miles between pickup and delivery locations.
    3. Geocoding API – used to show the location’s name based on zip code/postcode.
  3. Adding you key into the plugin
    You now need to insert the new Google API key into the MyMovingLoads WordPress Plugin. Copy the Google API key from the “Credentials” tab from the Google API Console and paste it in your WordPress Admin in the Moving Leads settings page.
    Now your forms should have some extras like: the form will display the distance between origin and destination locations; you will get type-ahead in the international forms for city names; and more.

Frequently asked questions

Does the form work with multiple WordPress sites?

Yes, but you should install and setup the plugin separately to every WordPress site.

Why does it take so long to install?

The first time (fresh) installation may take up to 20 seconds to download and activate the plugin. This is because the plugin comes with four different moving lead forms and an IP detection database. Please wait for the installation process to complete before closing the window. After installation, please do not forget to setup the plugin and to insert forms on your pages.

Is this plugin slow?

No. We believe that this plugin is very fast and will not impact the load time of your pages. We tried to keep the code as clean as possible. The IP detection runs very fast because the IP database is distributed with the plugin.

If I deactivate the plugin, will I lose all my settings?

No. You will lose your settings only if you delete the plugin from the Plugins page.

What kind of technology is used within this plugin?

This plugin has a lot of different types of technology inbuilt in the finished product. There are a total of 4 different web forms into the plugin that are served dynamically to the user based on their location. We also use a modified version of bootstrap typeahead to display the city suggestions in USA and Canada. Some functionalities call the Google API and display information through JavaScript. Most of the functionalities require a valid MyMovingLoads API key.

I get a /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 500 (Internal Server Error), how do I fix it?

This may be caused by several reasons. Please deactivate your other plugins one by one and check every time to see which one causes the problem. If the problem persists, it may be a memory issue. Open your website’s wp_config.php file add the following code:
define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );
This simply increase your memory limit to 256M and may fix the issue. If none of these work, please contact your server administrator.

About this plugin

This plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

This plugin was developed by for the purpose of helping our affiliate partners generate more moving leads while serving the visitors with a better experience.

This plugin is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. MyMovingLoads should not be held liable under any circumstances.

If you have more questions that were not covered above or have a problem, please contact us or email us at