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Learn more about the great commissions with our affiliate program for moving leads.

Moving leads affiliate program

Affiliate Program for Moving Leads

Join now and start earning referral revenue on all moving leads you generate! Our relocation affiliate program is easy to join, easy to set-up, and most importantly, it sells!

  • Immediate profits:
    • Signing up as an affiliate is fast and easy!
    • Use our new WordPress moving leads form plugin or the ready-to-embed code, start earning commissions right away – no design or programming skills required (and you get free phone and email support too).
    • For more advanced vendors, we provide custom API communication with Ping Post.
  • Great commissions:
    • Earn a percentage of revenue of all approved moving leads.
    • We’ll do all the work, maintenance and reporting for you, you just maintain your Web site and collect commissions.
  • Many lead forms to choose from:
    • Big moving quote forms with 4 steps for a detailed move information collection.
    • Short easy to fill in moving estimate forms.
    • Depending on your users – moving lead forms for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, International or any other country with our free Leads Forms plugin for WordPress.
    • Just log in to monitor what you are going to collect at the end of the month.
  • For the more advanced users
    • If you have a development team, you can go a step further and integrate our API to submit web leads.
    • With our Ping-Post API, you will know the price we are willing to pay you for your web leads before you send them to us. Contact us to get an API key.
  • Phone leads capture
    • Our phone operators will capture phone calls from your visitors.
    • We will add this lead into the system and you will get commision for the phone lead.

How does it work?

To become a moving Referral Partner, you only need to take a few moments and fill in the form below.

When a visitor fills in a lead form, we track your site’s referrer of the moving lead, we calculate your commission and we provide you with real-time calculation of your commission in your account. Then you collect your payment at the end of the month.

Who can join this moving leads affiliate program?

At MyMovingLoads we partner with some of the World’s largest websites, blogs, and apps for moving as well as small relocation blogs (see our current partners list).

If you are a website owner in some of these niches, please do contact us so we can show you our lucrative offers to become an affiliate partner:

  • Moving portals and lead providers.
  • Real estate related site or blog.
  • Home rental site or blog.
  • Moving tips website.
  • Expats website.
  • Immigration website.
  • Home inventory website/app.
  • Apartment rental websites
  • Furniture website.

You can generate moving leads directly from your website and supply us with them for a commission on every real lead we receive from you. Once you send us a request via the form below, we will send you some technical specs for the integration. If you don’t have programming or designs skills, we will do the integration for you at no additional cost.

If you currently generate quality moving leads from your site and you want to increase your revenue per lead, join our moving leads affiliate program and we will give you ideas on how to maximize your payout per lead. We work with many moving companies both domestic and international. Our system works on a bidding principle to make sure you get the best revenue per moving lead. We believe that MyMovingLoads is the affiliate program for moving leads that pays the best commission in the industry.

With our sophisticated lead management system, you will keep track of all the relocation leads you will generate as well as the commission that you receive.

Phone leads capture

Affiliate account screenshot

See a complete list of all accepted web leads in real time as soon as they are accepted. Please note that there is a delay for the phone leads as those records are updated weekly.

We now offer phone leads capturing service for US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you don’t have a phone number where people can inquire for moving leads, we can set up a phone line and our representatives will pick up the phone. We will get those phone leads for you and will post them into your account with us. This is a new service and is in beta phase.
We have live operators that will answer the phone and we have set up voicemail with complete instructions for clients to leave their moving information when calling after hours.
Here is how it works:

  • We are setting up a dedicated phone number for you so you can post it on your sites. If you already have a phone number, you can forward it to our number that we will provide. There is a flat fee of 9.99/month for the phone line.
  • You will see clearly marked all web leads and all phone leads in your account. The phone leads will appear into your account on a weekly basis.
  • We can also send you recorded voice conversations on some phone calls on demand. Additional call logs with caller IDs and duration are provided on request.
  • Optional: We can provide you with a special script (iframe) that displays the phone number when the operators are live and displays different design (for example a link to the quote form) when there are no operators available.
  • Optional: We can provide you with guidance and suggestion on where to place the dynamic script for maximum impact.

The price of the phone leads is being determined by the same bidding system that handles the web leads.


We issue payments around the 10th of the next month. We support Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit Card for payment methods.
You can see all leads (both web leads and phone leads) clearly marked into your account with us.





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Start earning referral revenue!

  • WordPress form plugin – plug and play!
  • Immediate profits.
  • Great commissions.
  • Many lead forms to choose from.
  • Ping-Post API for the more advanced users.
  • Phone leads capture.

Fill in the form to the right to take advantage of this awesome offer and we will get back to you as soon as possible.