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Are you looking for top moving leads for sale that you can convert to moving jobs and customers? We can help you!

At MyMovingLoads we can provide you with high quality, high conversion long distance or local moving leads for your moving company.

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Types of Moving Leads for Sale

We offer a wide variety of moving leads for sale from all over the world for professional moving companies to buy.

Moving leads features

  • Import all leads into your moving software or receive via email.
  • Less competition – leads shared between you and max of 3 other movers.
  • Competitive pricing model.
  • Receive all moving leads in real-time – no delays.
  • Filter leads based on locations, states, lead dates, distance, and more.
  • Free moving leads account to manage everything conveniently even from your phone.
  • Real-time phone number verification, so you get only accurate contact information.
  • Return bad leads through an easy void process.
  • Receive both web leads (through quote forms) and phone leads from our call center.
  • Generate detailed reports.
  • Put daily leads caps or daily budget limits.
  • Get a full household items list and a digital inventory for some leads.
  • Receive free real-time text messages / SMS notifications for every lead.
  • Easy to use, mobile friendly leads manager.


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Requirements to receive moving leads

We want only professional moving companies to be a part of our network of selected providers. This is why in order to buy moving leads, a moving company is screened and background checked in advance.

  • You need to be an active moving company.
  • You need to be registered with the department of transportation with a valid DOT number to receive long distance leads (For US moving companies only).
  • You need to maintain a good reputation.
  • You need to fill in our quick application. It’s that easy!

Read more about the leads – how do we manage them, the reporting, etc.
Moving leads

Leads import with your moving software

We will integrate all moving leads you purchase from us in your moving software. Manage your leads easily with end-to-end leads integration. Receive all leads directly in your moving software so your salesmen can book them instantly. We currently have import integration with the most popular relocation software and most of our customers have their moving leads imported instantly.

Types of Moving Leads Generated

Here are the main areas we cover:

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