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Screenshot of leads management system

Screenshot of the leads management system.

Your own leads management panel

You get your own free moving leads account into our system to monitor leads and get statistics. Here are some of the major features of the account:

  • Generate reports for leads for a custom time period in Excel or PDF.
  • Get visual statistics for all leads by type and time.
  • Report invalid leads (Void) directly from the panel.
  • View, send and print invoices directly from your panel.


Custom areas for leads

Set up your own area. You can choose origin states or just a radius around a city to buy moving leads from – razor target for maximum conversion.

  • Target moving leads by origin state.
  • You can specify a region or radius around a zip code.
  • Target leads with specific move dates (example: up to 3 months in the future).
  • Exclude destination states (for example Alaska and Hawaii).
  • Receive only local leads or buy only interstate leads. We also provide international leads.
  • Set a minimum distance between location (example: distance 100 miles or more).


list with moving leads

This is how a list with the leads looks like.

Detailed lead reports

With our sophisticated leads manager, you can quickly scan all your leads and add additional notes to every lead for additional management.

You can use our leads management software to export detailed reports for a custom period of time. See how many leads you receive per day, per week or per month and export that data into Excel or PDF. Get a detailed breakdown of all leads based on type (local, interstate or international leads).


You are in charge

Control your budget easy. You can specify daily caps of how many leads you want to receive both on a daily or on a monthly basis. Our team will set those for you so you can better manage your lead flow:

  • Daily or monthly caps of leads.
  • Daily or monthly caps on budget spent.


Sales lead details

Full information of the lead.

Imported into your moving software

Get detailed information on every customer directly within the system. You will also receive the lead details over email or directly within your moving software.

We can import leads to most of the popular moving company software available like Granot, The Moving Software, MoverworX, Dr. Mover, MoverBase, Movegistics, MoveitPro, MovePoint and many more. No matter of the moving software that you use, we will have your moving leads integrated to your software by our developers. Smaller moving companies can also receive leads directly by email.


Void bad leads with ease

You will not pay for leads with invalid details. We have developed a smarter way for you to report and void all leads that have wrong information.

We currently accept voiding (lead credits) for the following reasons:

lead void request

Interface to report leads/void leads.

  • Invalid phone and email information.
  • Duplicate lead (you have already received this lead).
  • Lead outside your service area (we request that you provide your service area in advance, so you get leads only in your area of operation).
  • The customer is not moving.

Read more about our unique process of crediting (voiding) leads here. Based on the aggregated information on bad leads during the voiding process, we build new filtering algorithms to make sure we deliver leads with accurate contact information with the highest booking rate possible.


Instant text messages

Get notified in real time when a hot lead is received. Receive a SMS message with full lead details directly to your phone. Be always the first to contact – call your potential customer with a single touch.


Get only high-conversion rate leads

We guarantee that you will receive the best leads we generate from our partners. See some of the moving partners we work with to deliver you moving leads that are so easy to convert, your salesmen will love them. And to make it even easier for your sales team, all our moving leads are delivered to you and no more than 3 other companies. Your sales team will save time, compete less and book more!


Competitive pricing, minimum competition

Our leads are considered to be the best price for its quality. A moving lead you receive will be sent to a maximum of 3 other moving companies or less. Most of our leads are sent to even fewer moving companies (or in some cases only to you) so you can compete with fewer movers and thus have a better conversion rate. It is so easy to try and there are no cancellation fees with us.


Phone verification

All our US leads go through phone/carrier verification. We use the services of Real Validation to screen all incoming leads and make sure the phone number you are dialing is not disconnected. No matter if the customer’s phone is wireless, landline, public, private, or VoIP, the number is being checked versus in the database of the major US carriers. This process ensured compliance with TCPA regulations, further protecting you from penalties and fines.


furniture inventory

Get full inventory of furniture and boxes with the lead.

Get full moving inventory

Our premium leads come with pre-filled full inventory of the move provided by the customer. The user will enter their item list room-by-room and send it to our system minutes after the lead is received. This way you will receive the customer’s inventory by email and you will have a better idea of the weight and volume of the lead. This will also save you valuable time and money to do in-home estimates as you will have the detailed information sent over to you via email.

It is so easy for the users to add their moving inventory with a simple drag-and-drop, that most users will do it just for fun.
See how it’s done:

Furniture inventory animation

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